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Wow! It's been several years since my last post. Hmm, I have been occupied with a lot of things recently. The most recent was a vacation to Japan. I visited Kyoto and Tokyo. I went to Tenshi no Sato in Kyoto. Visited two Mandarake stores in Shibuya, and Akihabara. I scored a SD Midi Satan at a steep discount, a SD13 Grafitti body and a F16 head, as well as a Blythe doll. I also went to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. I will try to post some pic from my ipod. No pictures from my camera because they inadvertantly got deleted. That was the most upsetting of my vacation because I had over 500 pics. So,there is another Japan visit planned in 2017, where I will try to recover pictures lost from Kyoto and Tokyo.


...Soom you suck the big W!

I have messaged Soom several times and have been getting the runaround and now they are back peddling about the Hyperon leg. They either casted or did excessive sanding to the right thigh joint so that the lower leg does not lock in a standing position. Since, this doll is huge and heavy it needs the locking legs to stand.

I'm getting a little upset w/ the excuses. If I do not get a favorable response from Soom, I'm breaking out my Magic Sculpt to fix the problem myself.

Soom has lost a customer. I most likely will never buy from them after this experience.



I've neglected this poor journal for months. Nothing much has been going on lately. I think I'm done with the doll shtuff and have lost interest in taking dolly pictures. Pretty bad, I guess I have gotten over my ocd with bjd dolls.

I've been cleaning off doll heads this past week or two. I finally finished closing DoD Luke's eyes. He looks decent now. I think DoD did a crappy job with the eye opening. For some reason, I have this itch to also sand down his dome head to not make it look so light-bulbish. His head is too tall. Now all there is to do is give him a face-up.

Hopefully, I can unload several of my dolls and reduce the doll clutter.


I got Chalco. I think the body cast is different from my Chrom. And the NS resin color does not match Chalco's NS. It's more pink and the resin isn't smooth. I guess I'll leave it rough because I hate sanding. Anyways I'm a little miffed that Soom did not properly cut out the notch where the S-hook sits in Chalco's head. The hole is so far up that I cannot change the eyes without taking off the head and the head keeps popping back because of the damn S-hook position. I'm afraid if I take a Dremel to the spot where the notch was supposed to be it will make the area unstable because of the pre-existing notch. On top of that they did not drill a big enough hole in the left hoof for the elastic to pulled through to latch the S-hook. Fark you Soom, take more care in your finished dolls before you send them out. I spent the last few days sanding out the hole, seams and hot glueing Chalco's torso and thigh joints for the frequent back flop, so annoying. Now, no more flops with the hot glue.

I'd like to paint him, but will have to wait till it stops raining.

.....Chalco has shipped!

I just posted a order status question on the Soom Q&A. Their response was it could take 2 to 3 months before shipping. I guess they didn't check, because Chalco has just shipped. Looks I'll get him by Friday. The package left around 8:30 this morning, so its probably waiting at SFO customs to be shipped out. Better break out my neglected airbrush and paints. I'll probably be painting this weekend.


Yes, I'm a recovering anime cel addict. I like to browse cels every now and then. I haven't seen any F.Y. cels in a long while. I guess I should start selling off my collection.

I did find some BJDs in the toy section. There were several Unoa Bi-el for $300. I found a White Cat Chris for $700 (not a fullset). Volks Liz for $800, Rose for $900. Old skin Shiro, Anais and Madoka for over $1000, way over priced. A scar face Cecile for $1800. There were a couple of SDCs at $600. I just want a stray Volks head. I wonder if they ever sell floating heads? It took me several hours to go through all 300+ pages. I'm tired. Anyways, no more dolls for me. If I get a new one one will have to go.


Chalcos are already shipping??! It's been a little over 60 days, since I paid. Mine isn't ready yet, maybe because I bought the boots and extra sets of eyes. Geez, I better start thinking how I want to do his face-up. Most likely purple. *rolls eyes* I've lost my imagination. It's the work I do..zaps any creativity out of me.


My LJ has been neglected as of late. Work has been keeping me busy, where I just want to vegetate on my couch.

I really want a SDGr body, but the Volks sculpts have not had the "WOW" factor, and the price tag is a little steep for a SDGr. I think I want jointed hands for the SD16 and the SD17. The DZ jointed hands are tempting me. I think I may order two pairs of the NS-Y. BTW, I just noticed the DZ Cosmo & Brent sculpts are a rip from the Yukinojo sculpt. It's the forehead/brows/nose that is unmistakable even when it's sanded down. Whatever.


I guess Chrom will have a NS brother. I caved and got a Chalco. I'm just not crazy about the Soom outfit. I guess I'll have to come up with a new armor style than the one I made for Chrom. I may just watch Sengoku Basara again to come up with ideas. I hate sewing, I'd rather be painting resin.


I can't wait for the 2nd season of 07-Ghost. I ended up watching all 25 episodes this past weekend, along with Naruto and Black Butler. I go though downloads fast. I'll have to find some new anime to download to keep me busy.

I'm still waiting for my FSC renewal stuff to be sent. I've been sewing kimonos for my boys, but my attention span is very short, which means sewing is going slowly again. I did finally finish the armor for Chrom, but have seen dead-ass lazy to take any pics. I think it's the funk that I have been in for a while now. Hope I get over it, because its very unproductive.

I just want to vegetate on my couch and watch TV and do absolutely nothing.